During these sweltering summer days I'm all for cooling foods. In my mind, cucumbers seem to be the epitome of something cooling. Perhaps it's because they are mostly made up of water (over 90% water to be exact). Until recently the most I ever did with cucumbers was make pickles or dip them in hummus. Even though I love a good pickle, I wanted to venture out from my comfort zone and experiment a bit more. That seems to be a big trend in my life at the moment :)


Superfood Muesli

So confession time... I shot these photos at last week but haven't shared until now because every time I went to write the post, I stared blankly at the screen. Maybe it's because my mind has been occupied with other things, or maybe it's the heat, but for whatever reason every time I sat down to type, my mind was blank. And to be honest, it still is but I really wanted to share this muesli with you.

So, instead of an anecdote, or the history of muesli, I'll let the photos do the talking. I'm going to accept the silence and go with the flow. If you want some ideas for eating/preparing your muesli, they are below the recipe. Enjoy your week :)


Muddled Bluberry & Basil Kombucha Floats

I have found my official beverage/dessert/pick-me-up for the summer! And it's so incredibly simple you might laugh. Or you might smack your head for not having thought of it before now! I love kombucha and I love some good vegan ice cream. So, I put the two together into a float! To add some fresh summer flavor I muddled some blueberries and basil in the bottom of the glass. And voila! You have a simple summer treat that satisfies your sweet tooth and gives your gut a good dose of healthy probiotics.


{Mostly} Raw Tacos

I think it's safe to say it's flippin' hot out! Since the summer sun provides more than enough heat, I've started shying away from my heat-producing kitchen appliances and embracing more raw foods. Making mostly raw cuisine is a creative kitchen challenge I embrace every summer. This past weekend I made a vegan, gluten free, and mostly raw spread for a party. The only thing I cooked was some sorghum for a tabbouleh dish. Everything else required simple chopping or blending. It was liberating not having to worry about a "cooking schedule" or sweating next to a hot oven.