Mediterranean Sorghum Salad

When I started this blog four (!!!) years ago, it was to be a creative space where I could share what was going on in my kitchen and in the world of Sweet Miscellany baked goods and product testing. Over these past four years, the posts have ebbed and flowed along with my interests but the blog has always remained my own personal corner of the internet where I can share and create. When life seemed unhappy, I would get in the kitchen and come up with a new post to nourish both my tummy and my soul. These posts have seen me through a lot and will hopefully continue to do so for a very long time.


Out & About : McCheek's Mayhem Ceramics

Have you ever walked into a place you've never been before and immediately felt at home? Like everything around you spoke to you and reflected your own vibe back at you? This happens every time I go to my favorite dining spot Pondicheri but it happened somewhere else recently. One of my nieces had her birthday party at what appeared to be an unassuming little pottery studio tucked away in the Heights. After I walked inside I never wanted to leave.

At first glance the building looked industrial like it had nothing special to offer. But then my eyes became attuned to each little detail as I walked closer. The front gate was enveloped in lovely overgrown foliage that lightly tickled your head as you walked by. Upon entering the gate, I noticed small hexagonal pieces of painted ceramics lovingly arranged in the cement walkway. This was probably one of my favorite little details about the place. Simple yet beautiful. There was a display immediately outside the studio space of the artist's ceramics in beautiful hues of aqua and orange, almost like a summer sunset. If I would have had the funds, I might have purchased every single piece. The studio itself had a long, rectangular window where dappled sunlight bathed a row of more beautiful ceramics that were filled with succulents and cacti. 


Mini Coconut Macaroon Tarts with Lemon Curd

So a month has gone by since I last posted. WHAT??!? I can't believe I let that happen. Since my health coaching course started I haven't been able to add much else to my schedule so unfortunately the blog has suffered a bit. In addition to my course work, I've also been working on something for the summer issue of Chickpea! Hooray! I'll share more about it once the issue is closer to print.

I'm trying to figure out how to better schedule my time to include everything I want to get done every day but it seems that the only solution I can find is that I need more hours in a day. Does anyone else feel this way? Every day lately seems to be a struggle and something inevitably gets cut out because I'm too worn out or I completely run out of time. Does anyone out there have any time management advice because I would totally love to hear it? Drop me a line in the comments below if you do.

So let's talk dessert now. I made these tarts for my family on Easter and I like to think they were a hit. The tarts are actually tweaked past recipes from the blog that I put together to form an awesome dessert. When it's all said and done these are grain free/vegan and contain no cane sugar! How about them apples? Or I guess it would be more apropos in this case to say lemons instead of apples. Whatevs.


Strawberry Streusel Muffins with Lime & Cardamom

I haven't been baking lately. As a matter of fact, I feel as if I've been avoiding it. The activity that brought me so much joy and provided a form of escape and stress release had until today gone by the wayside. I think perhaps the exhaustion that comes with my current job at Whole Foods dictates a lot of what I do, or rather don't do. It feels like such a chore to bake myself something when I could be doing other things I seem to think are more important lately. Since it's spring, and therefore a time of renewal and detox, I've been trying to re-prioritize and spend time doing things I really love. I had almost forgotten what the start of spring meant...