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A Gluten Free & Vegan Thanksgiving Menu

Hello friends! I realized the other day that inspiration regarding food and meal planning doesn't come as naturally to others as it does to me. So, I decided to post a little gluten free & vegan Thanksgiving guide in case anyone needs a bit of help. It's made up of my favorite Thanksgiving-appropriate recipes from the blog archives so I can personally vouch for the fact that they are rather delicious. Check out the recipes below and feel free to post any questions you may have down in the comments. This will most likely be the last post here on the blog this month so I can prepare for December, aka Cookie Month!!

| f o r   b r e a k f a s t |
cranberry persimmon baked oatmeal
pumpkin steel cut oats with maple cinnamon apples
espresso banana doughnuts
mini buckwheat scones with spiced butternut squash butter 

| a p p e t i z e r s / n i b b l e s |
maple roasted pecans with nutmeg & poppy seeds
baked kale & artichoke dip (serve with gluten free crackers or toast)
green tahini sauce (serve with raw veggie crudite)

| b r e a d |
sweet potato & sage corn muffins
sage & toasted pecan boule
mini buckwheat scones
herbed millet flatbread

| v e g g i e   s i d e s |
cranberry pear compote with meyer lemon & lavender
fall panzanella with turmeric dijon dressing
mustard roasted cauliflower
roasted broccoli salad with pickled shallots
roasted root veg with spiced coconut yogurt drizzle

| v e g g i e   m a i n s |
roasted kabocha & fennel soup
pumpkin polenta with wilted spiced greens

| d e s s e r t |
gingersnap pumpkin pie
cocoa pear tart with lavender coconut cream
toasted pecan & date caramel coconut milk ice cream
grain free dutch apple pie
spiced cranberry orange upside down cake


Gingersnap Pumpkin Pie

The colder weather has finally arrived in Houston ya'll! Hooray!! I feel like frolicking through the crisp air while the sun warms the tip of my nose and a mug of tea warms my hands. This is the weather that makes me giddy with excitement and gives me an excuse to wear all of my cozy sweaters, socks, and scarves. And as if the weather weren't exciting enough, I'm sharing one of my favorite pies with you today! It's Pie Sunday ya'll!!

My love for pumpkins is no secret here on the blog. In fact, I've probably pined about it many times on the blog over the years every time fall rolls around. That being said, I'm sure it comes as no surprise that my favorite pie is pumpkin. Even though I love a good apple pie, I'll pick pumpkin over it every day of the week. I love the spices and the custardy goodness that happens in the oven. And I love how well it goes with coconut whipped cream (in case I needed yet another excuse to eat coconut whipped cream). 

Considering my love for pumpkin, and in particular pumpkin pie, I knew I had to share one with you this year. I had the idea to change it up a little by using some gingersnaps as the crust. I absolutely love the spicy and snappy contrast it provides and am thinking that it might be one of the best decisions I've made lately. Since it worked out so well, I decided to share this new and improved version of pumpkin pie with you just in time for Thanksgiving and the holiday season! If you are still looking for more Thanksgiving meal inspiration, stick around tomorrow when I'll be posting a gluten free/vegan recipe guide :)