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Roasted Shiitakes With Celeriac Potato Puree

I've had a total crush on celeriac (aka celery root) lately. It all started with this dish that I dreamed up as our main for Thanksgiving. I had an idea to marinate some beautiful portobello mushroom caps in a mixture of olive oil, shallots, garlic, sage, rosemary, and thyme before roasting them for a bit in the oven. Once they were done, they would be filled with a velvety smooth celeriac and potato puree punctuated through with fresh chives and black pepper. Since then, I've made the dish several more times and it evolved slightly into the version I'm sharing with you today. 

I'm not sure what it is about celery root that I like so much. It actually came as a surprise to me because my feelings concerning celery aren't necessarily that strong. It's sort of a take it or leave it mentality. I don't care whether I eat it or not. But celeriac! Oh celeriac. I think perhaps it has to do with the natural grounding qualities of this root. It provides such stability and nourishment that I tend to crave, particularly during this time of year. And, it has a lovely, unique flavor that is so much more than the celery notes present. It's slightly sweet and grassy with hints of earthy parsley. And, when you mix it with buttery yukon gold potatoes? HEAVEN. 

For the version of this recipe I'm sharing with you today, I went with shiitakes instead of portobellos simply because I'm on a bit of a roasted shiitake kick right now. If you have a bit of extra cash, I definitely recommend going with shiitakes because they have so much more umami flavor on their own. But, portobellos will work just as well. Though it's packed with a lot of flavor, you'll notice the ingredient list isn't too long. This is intentional so that the natural goodness of the shiitakes and celeriac can shine through. And, it's also because I'm not much for fussy, involved recipes most of the time :)

If you want to make more of a substantial meal, I highly recommend making the sweet potato and sage corn muffins and the winter sunshine salad to go along with the roasted shiitakes and celeriac potato puree. 


Super Greens Smoothie Bowl

It seems that green smoothies and juices are still all the rage as they tend to populate my instagram and pinterest feeds on the regular. Their vibrant hues make you feel healthier simply by looking at them. They've become so mainstream that I think a lot of us (myself included) tend to forget why we need greens in the first place. I think the tendency is to see the color and think "HEALTH!" or "DETOX!". So, in an effort to offer a bit of insight into the health behind the color, here's a little breakdown of what's in the smoothie bowl I'm sharing with you today.

K A L E - loaded with vitamin K (promotes bone health/strength & protects against things like liver and prostate cancer); contains organosulfur compounds (these are found in members of the brassica family and appear to be able to lessen the occurrence of a wide variety of cancers); excellent source of vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin B6, manganese, dietary fiber, and potassium; antioxidant rich; highly alkaline (helps balance the pH and acidity in the body)

A V O C A D O - packed with carotenoids (helps protect against eye diseases); full of both soluble & insoluble fiber (helps keep the digestive system in good order & slows the breakdown of carbs to help you feel fuller longer); good source of monounsaturated fat (slows digestion & helps keep blood sugar from spiking); good source of folate (keeps the heart healthy and is associated with lowering risks of heart disesase)

M A T C H A - packed with antioxidants (prevent aging & chronic disease); rich in fiber & chlorophyll (natural detoxifier that works to eliminate chemicals & heavy metals from the body); rich in L-theanine (and amino acid that promotes concentration & clarity of mind)

S P I R U L I N A - good source of vegan protein (contains roughly 60-70% by weight); rich in chlorophyll (stimulates new cell growth, builds blood, neutralizes toxins, fights infection); contains all of the amino acids; strengthens the immune system; raises pH of the body to a more alkaline state; promotes bowel health

So basically, these greens are superfoods! They do so much to repair and replenish our bodies, especially if our diet hasn't been the greatest. And, they are amazing natural preventatives for disease when consumed regularly. Now it's easy to understand why the world has become obsessed with green juices and smoothies :)

Now that we've got the nutrition down, let's address another pressing matter. Some of you might be wondering why I put my smoothie in a bowl. And, my answer is quite simple: toppings! When I first started seeing the smoothie bowl trend emerge, I was baffled as to why you would make a smoothie more cumbersome (and less portable) by putting it in a bowl. But then I realized  this allows you to make it a more substantial meal by putting toppings on it. And, if make the smoothie a really thick consistency, your brain just might think you're eating ice cream for breakfast. DOUBLE WIN. If you are short on time and would rather suck your smoothie through a straw the old fashioned way, you can simply add more nut milk to change the consistency. Oh, and before anyone wonders why this smoothie bowl is a lovely shade of bluish green instead of the typical vibrant verdant hue, you can thank the spirulina!