Spiced Cacao Maca Shake

It's dark and stormy as I sit down to write this post and I'm remembering that last week when I tried to photograph it, the weather was very similar. The rain is always a good reminder that you can't control everything and make it go exactly as you planned. I had to put off shooting this post for a few days last week because there wasn't enough sunlight. I guess that was mama nature's way of telling me to pay attention and that she was running the show. At this moment the thunder is rumbling off in the distance and since it's cool enough for my windows to be open, I can hear the distinct plit-plot sound of rain drops hitting leaves. It's a soothing sound that will most likely leave me renewed and inspired by the time it leaves. And maybe, just maybe, the coolness the clouds bring will linger long enough to make it pleasant out.

So lets get to this shake! I just realized that the title of this post looks like some crazy new dance move, but if you know me, then you'll know I'm referring to a frosty beverage. Maybe one of you dance savvy people can come up with the moves to go along with the title because anything I come up with would be best kept behind closed doors, haha!


Cape Cod

Things have been quiet the past couple of weeks over here at Sweet Miscellany because I went on a vacation! A real live vacation! And it was longer than a weekend! Yay! Some of my family went to Cape Cod to enjoy the sun, beach, and much cooler temperatures. It was heavenly. And, it has us (me included) thinking about re-locating to Massachusetts at some point in the near future.

I took a lot of photos, though not as much as I would have liked. I realized how uncomfortable I am taking photos of things other than food so I was trying to get out of my comfort zone. I kind of felt like a goofy tourist when I had my camera hanging around my neck so I didn't use it as much as I could have. I guess I just need to get over that and own it. I decided to share some of my favorites here in case you want to live vicariously through them. Enjoy! :)



During these sweltering summer days I'm all for cooling foods. In my mind, cucumbers seem to be the epitome of something cooling. Perhaps it's because they are mostly made up of water (over 90% water to be exact). Until recently the most I ever did with cucumbers was make pickles or dip them in hummus. Even though I love a good pickle, I wanted to venture out from my comfort zone and experiment a bit more. That seems to be a big trend in my life at the moment :)


Superfood Muesli

So confession time... I shot these photos at last week but haven't shared until now because every time I went to write the post, I stared blankly at the screen. Maybe it's because my mind has been occupied with other things, or maybe it's the heat, but for whatever reason every time I sat down to type, my mind was blank. And to be honest, it still is but I really wanted to share this muesli with you.

So, instead of an anecdote, or the history of muesli, I'll let the photos do the talking. I'm going to accept the silence and go with the flow. If you want some ideas for eating/preparing your muesli, they are below the recipe. Enjoy your week :)