Herb-y Avocado Toast

I can already see some eye rolling over this post.  A recipe for avocado toast?  Lame!  Well, hear me out and then you are free to judge all you want.  I eat avocado toast relatively frequently when I've got ripe avocados lying around.  It's a fast breakfast, snack, lunch, etc., plus, it's just really tasty.  It's easy to dress up (or down) and requires very little effort and ingredients.

A couple of weeks ago I went to make my usual avocado toast one morning and realized I had a bunch of fresh herbs waiting to be used in my fridge.  So, I decided to finely chop a handful into a gremolata of sorts and top my toast with it.  Best decision ever!  The herbs elevate this humble dish to an even more delicious level.  I'd be lying if I said I didn't want to devour like 10 pieces of toast that day.


Minty Strawberry Shortcakes

So it's strawberry season here... finally!  Their arrival always marks a transitional time full of crazy weather, warmer evenings, and the return of gorgeous produce. I'd say my favorite way to enjoy them is in their pure, unadulterated form (i.e. raw), but I figured I would do my own take on the iconic strawberry shortcake for the Vegan Housewives blog this week.  And by the way, that's strawberry shortcake as in the dessert, not the cartoon character :)  If you have a hankering for something sweet, head on over to see the full recipe.


Happy Vernal Equinox + A Kale Artichoke Dip

Holy crap it's spring already!  The time seems to have just slipped out of my grasp lately.  It doesn't help that I have been working down in South Texas for the past month and a half for my day job.  Basically it led to limited time at home, limited focus here on the blog, and eating the same food over and over again in my hotel room to be able to keep up a gluten free & vegan diet.  I've still been contributing posts twice a month for Vegan Housewives, but I haven't had time to create posts specifically for my blog.

Since I'm heading out to a vegan potluck this evening, I figured I would get a few quick photos of what I was bringing so I could share it here on the blog.  It's my take on the traditional baked spinach artichoke dip.  I veganized it, added some fresh lemon and herbs, and swapped in kale for the spinach.  Don't get me wrong, I lurve me some spinach but I think I like kale a bit more :)

p.s. sorry about these sub-par photos... I hurriedly took a few before I walked out the door.


Lemon Berry Tea Cakes

I think everyone is tired of winter rearing its ugly head.  Though I certainly enjoy any cold weather I can get, I do appreciate the brief spring that we have in Texas before summer arrives in full force.  The thing I'm longing for most of all right now isn't warmer temperatures, but spring and summer produce! I figured a good way to celebrate the return of warmer weather was with a summer-inspired tea cake of sorts.  I'm sharing these over on Vegan Housewives this week so click here for the recipe.