Happy Solstice & A Watermelon Wedge Salad

First things first, happy summer solstice! Today is officially the first day of summer and the longest day of the year. It's a time for celebrating life and embracing not only the sun that gives us warmth but the one that lights our souls. We often forget what fuels us and gives us inspiration. It is often easy to stray from your dreams and become lazy and sedentary in the day to day. I've been trying to hold on to that fire lately and rediscover what my passions in life are. What better day to do this than today?


Out & About: Ripe Cuisine

In this out & about post I'm sharing one of my favorite new places with you, Ripe Cuisine! This little food truck has a completely vegan and mostly gluten free menu with an emphasis on local, seasonal produce. The owner Stephanie is a registered dietitian so you know the food has some uber delicious and healthy vibes. I've been hitting it up on Saturday mornings at the Urban Harvest Farmers Market. So far I've only had the pleasure of eating off of the breakfast menu, but one of these days I'm going to catch them for their dinner menu.

Everything I've had, from the avocado toast topped with sprouts, radishes, and pepitas to the daily doughnuts have been amazing. I've never had anything I didn't thoroughly enjoy. In fact, their vegan cuisine is some of my favorite in the city! It's really great to have a place with a menu I can easily order from and be thoroughly satisfied with every time. I grow weary of "vegan friendly" restaurants with limited, sub-par options.

I really appreciate the dedication to fresh, seasonal produce in the dishes as well as the flavor pairings that Stephanie creates. Ripe offers a couple of beverage options, too. I love the seasonal fruit and herb infused waters and their lavender lemonade is amazing. I've heard rumors there will be vegan ice cream from Ripe this summer so I'm totally looking forward to that! Check out their weekly schedule/menu here to see where you can find them throughout the week. If you give them a try, let me know what you think!

lavender lemonade, maple coconut bacon doughnut, chocolate mint doughnut, market frittata, and huevos rancheros pictured (all vegan of course!)


Coconut Lime Sherbet

I wasn't as much of a sherbet fan growing up as my grandmother was though I did have a soft spot for the elusive pineapple sherbet that always seemed so hard to find. I have distinct memories of my grandmother's freezer and in it would almost always be Eggo waffles and sherbet of some sort. I don't really remember there being much ice cream, but you could almost always count on a technicolor tub of sherbet. I actually pronounced it "sherbert" until a couple of years ago when I realized the word did not have an "r" in it. Go figure.

I had forgotten about sherbet until I read Renee's post for Lilac Lemon Grapefruit Sherbet nearly a month ago. If you haven't checked her blog out yet you totally need to. I pretty much want to live in her kitchen and sample all of the healthy fare that she cooks up. Anywho, back to sherbet. Several years ago I thought about making a watermelon one with coconut milk and lime but for some reason or another I abandoned the idea. Cue Renee's beautiful post. She combined citrus, floral St. Germain, and fresh lilacs to make a killer and anything but ordinary sherbet.


Late Spring Crostini with Fennel Frond Gremolata

It may technically be late spring but in Houston we already have the humidity and heat that makes it feel as if summer has arrived. You can't walk outside without being enveloped in the unwelcome embrace of humid air. The humidity is mostly to blame on the torrential downpours and floods we've been having for what seems like the entire month of May. I think the rains are over for now though in their wake is a swarm of buzzing mosquitoes. Before it gets too terribly hot outside I wanted to share these crostini with you as spring produce is fleeting in these parts.