sweet miscellany: Refreshing Chia Lemonade for One


Refreshing Chia Lemonade for One

I wanted to come back with a bang after being gone for a while.  I was dreaming about making a pie with some local rhubarb I found last week.  But, life happened as it usually does.  I made jam with the rhubarb instead of pie, a storm came and knocked out my power, and a gigantic mountain of laundry had to be tackled.  So, I'm here instead to share something super refreshing and healthy as you prepare for whatever fun shenanigans you have planned for the holiday weekend.

Summer crept up on me here, as it normally does.  We went from pleasant weather to 90 degrees without any transition.  I guess it always happens that way ever summer, but I never seem to be ready for it.  When the weather heats up, I drink a lot more liquids to stay hydrated.  Since water can be a bit boring (and because I usually forget to fill up my brita pitcher), I decided to make some chia lemonade.  I've had chia seeds in my kombucha so I thought why not add them to my lemonade.  They are rich in omega-3's as well as fiber, protein, calcium, and other nutrients your body needs.  And, they are awesome to add to drinks in the summer because their ability to absorb almost 10 times their body weight in water helps to hydrate your body.  Yay for chia seeds!

Chia Lemonande for One
I like to make this as needed since it tastes best fresh, but you can make a bigger batch to last you a few days.  The chia seeds will settle at the bottom of your glass, so make sure to stir or shake it every now and then.  To make it easy, I keep water and lemons in my fridge so they are already chilled and ready to go.

the juice from 1 medium/large lemon (about 1/4 cup)
1 1/4 to 1 1/2 cups of water (depending on how much pucker you want in your lemonade)
agave or maple syrup to taste (I used about a tbsp)
1/2 tbsp whole chia seeds

Add the lemon juice, water, and agave to a jar or cocktail shaker, put the lid on, then shake to combine.  Taste the lemonade and adjust the amount of water or sweetener as needed.  Add the chia seeds, shake, and then let the lemonade sit for at least 10 to 15 minutes while the chia seeds gel.  After the chia seeds have gelled, pour into a glass, add a few ice cubes, and enjoy!  Makes one serving.

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  1. Love me some chia seeds. Thanks for the tip!